Feb, 2015
City Population : 2,615,060
City Area : 630km²
Urban Population : 5,583,064
Urban Area : 7,125km²
Districts/Wards : 140 Neighborhodds, 6 Districts
Nicknames : -

Why Toronto??

Not even many of my friends know this (especially the ones in Japan), but I am an avid NBA (National Basketball Association) fan. When I was growing up in Portland OR, there was only one professional sports team (Portland Trail Blazers), so if you liked sports at all, you became a Blazers fan. Since I was a basketballer myself (with dreams of playing in the NBA during high school...sigh), it was only natural for me to become addicted to the Blazers, and to an extent, the NBA itself. (I still watch every single Blazers game to this day, wherever I am in the world, thanks to the internet. Oh bless you, internet!!)

I gather some of my NBA information from sports sites such as Grantland, Blazersedge, and ESPN (yeah, ESPN. I admit it), but the majority of my knowledge comes from the internet forum known as RealGM. A well established internet forum with true heritage (that might be a paradox when referring to something internet related), RealGM is composed of many intellectual users with insightful knowledge and a great sense of humor (along with many users who are, well, just like anybody else on the internet).

However, even an internet forum such as RealGM with a sustainable self-regulating system, often suffers from the creation of obscure, off-topic threads, especially in the dog days known as the NBA offseason. One of the annual, infamous off-topic threads created is “Which NBA city do you want to live in?”, which always ends in a heated, emotional discussion among posters. It consists mostly of posters advocating their hometown or current residence, and this is also where the fans of the Toronto Raptors (the only NBA team in Canada) come out in full throttle.

According to Raptors fans, Toronto is one of the best cities on this planet, a true global metropolis where people of every race and ethnicity coexist. This creates a unique, outstanding culture, with amazing restaurants and a distinct art scene. The city is safe, and there are beautiful women walking everywhere. The Raptors fans make the city sound like some heaven-on-earth, a utopia where the roads are built of gold and the rivers flow of wine. I knew to take any information on the internet with a grain (or in this case, like, 20 grains) of salt, but the Raptors fans certainly caught my attention. My interest in the city only grew after meeting a friend at a birthday party one day who was multi-ethnic (check) and very pretty (check, check), and was--wait for it--from Toronto!!

So Raptor fan RealGMers, I’ll be there. Let’s hope you guys weren’t overexaggerating too much!