New York
Mar, 2015
City Population : 8,405,837
City Area : 783.84km²
Urban Population : 20,673,000
Urban Area : 11,642km²
Districts/Wards : 5 Boroughs
Nicknames : The Big Apple, Gotham

Why New York??

New York is a bit different compared to the other cities because, well, I’ve actually lived there before. Back in the ancient times around 2007, I graduated from high school and entered New York University. Looking back on it now, I was still an innocent boy, unprepared for change, overwhelmed by the big lights: The Ukrainian girl who frequented the sketchy bar filled with eastern Europeans in tight leather pants, the dudes next door with their incessant beer pong parties, the roommate who stashed his candy hoard under his bed which eventually became infested with rats, the dude who would leave his retainer unwashed and uncased on his bed, the neat freak with the thick Long Island accent who would vacuum his room everyday... Wait, it looks like I only have memories of my dorm mates, haha.

Being a student without much money, my memories of New York are, well... not very flamboyant. However, that doesn’t mean they were all dull and boring either. Going to MoMA every Friday afternoon for the free entrance, and reading gigantic books on art and architecture in the bookstore. Experiencing off-off-off Broadway underground theater, and marveling at the imagination, precision, and execution of the creators and actors. Finding cheap eats, from the soup-based hole in the wall in Korea Town to the Basque restaurant and its jubilant Spanish mama. Those are the memories I still hold fondly. But to this day there is that feeling in me, that I left the city half-done. Incomplete. I regret the fact that I didn’t maximize my opportunities.

That’s why, in a way, this is a revenge match. I can’t say how much I’ve grown as a person since my last stay, but my mindset has changed. This time, I’m taking advantage of every chance I get. This time, I’m not backing down.

New York City, the World in Twelve is here!