Dec, 2015
City Population : 8,280,925
City Area : 1,568.737km²
Urban Population : 14,565,547
Urban Area : 7,761.6km²
Districts/Wards : 50 Districts, 12 Clusters
Nicknames : Big Mango, Venice of the East

Why Bangkok??

Before I get to the question “Why Bangkok?” let me answer the question I bet a number of you reading this have been wanting to ask for some time: “Why are there so few Asian cities?” There are a few reasons for this. 1, I am currently living in Tokyo (there goes one city), 2, a couple of cities that I’d like to live in I’ve already visited previously (Hong Kong, Seoul), 3, to be honest, I’m not very interested in mainland China (though I love their food), and 4, many of the cities I am interested in didn’t meet the conditions test (Ulaanbaatar, Samarkand, New Delhi, Jakarta, etc.). This left me with a few Southeast Asian cities (Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh) I could choose from.

The reason I chose Bangkok was because of the food. People who know me personally all know I love to eat. Eating well is one of my top priorities in life. Taking that into account, I have to say I absolutely love Thai food. Every year, I hold a ranking of world cuisine in my mind. And every year, Thai food makes it in the top three. Whether I’m in the United States or in Japan, I try to eat Thai food at least once a week (actually, I realize as I’m writing this, I’ve had it twice in the last week already!). Truth be told, I like Vietnamese food too, a regular in the top five of the annual ranking, but Thai food is just on a different level of like.

Another deciding factor was that all of my friends who visited Bangkok came back raving about it. Some friends never came back, they liked it so much. The food is good, the people are nice, living is inexpensive, and there are pretty girls everywhere. Understandable. Why leave? (Although I’m assuming the movie “Hangover 2” created a different image among a few people lol).

All I know is, after writing this passage, I’m hungry. Pass me the Tom Kha Gai and Khao Man Gai!!